Vintage linen/cotton cloth with hand embroidery and fancy tape

€ 25,00

This vintage and folky cotton cloth has been used as a neat small curtain; at the top side there is a tunnel of 3,5 cm with, in which to slide a tubular curtain frame. The tunnel is stitched at 15 cm from top, the embroidered part and the tape above it, are stitched at the opposite side of the main embroidery, so both embroideries show at the front side when the curtain hangs. But it is also possible to fold the cloth double (see final picture) and make it into a cushion cover for instance. The fabric is bleached white linen.cotton, the elaborate hand cross-stitch embroidery is in a denim -like medium color blue, the tape (with figures of a man and woman, hart and flower) in the same blue with red and white. 

Size: total finished length 105 cm, finished length 97 cm, width 55 cm. Estimated at 1960's and perhaps Romanian. 

All the vintage textiles I have sourced with love over the years are checked thoroughly by me for flaws and stains and described to my knowledge. Age and heritage location are mostly unknown and had to be estimated. These are all one of a kind vintage textiles in natural yarns, mostly hand-woven on household looms, often with hand-embroideries> Sometimes in unused, new state (from dead stock) and sometimes used, but always in a good state.  Irregularities in thread, embroidery, fringes etc. are part of the caracteristics of these items (like neps in the yarns) and cannot be considered as flaws. If there are any visable and noticible spots, stains or flaws they are described and photographed as best as possible, of which I keep the pictures. So the state in which the items are packed and send, is the state documented here (and cannot be the reason to send items back).  

These unique items are made with a whole lot of love in bygone era's and are gradually becoming more and more rare to find. They are made of natural fibres like linen or hemp and cotton, the quality of which is equally rare nowadays. Because these are vintage items they are ALWAYS sustainable and make for a perfectly conscious gift for all kinds of occasions, also for yourself....