OUR SPOT: the Costa dei Trabocchi

MONTE E MARE: mountains and the sea within one region, even within a span of less than 2 hours, is the ultimate dream. Yet in Abruzzo it is the reality: from the summits of the spectacular Apennine mountainrange in the west (with no less than 3 national parks to choose from), via the hills clad in vineyards and olivegroves down to the Adriatic sea in the east, this region is extremely versatile. Valle Dolce has the famous costa dei trabocchi at it's doorstep, named after the ancient wooden fishermen's structures built on rocks stretching onto the sea. Now mostly fish restaurants, they make for a scenic coastline. dotted with many beaches; from small and secluded to long sandy bays, some of the most beautiful beaches along the Adriatic are found here. Fancy the ultimate Italo lido with all the facilities incl. lunch al fresco? Check. Prefer a  quiet beach in a nature reserve and have a picknick underneath your self-built canopy?  Check that too. 


Besides relaxing and swimming, you can go hiking or cycling on the coastal path, built on the old railway (bicycles in all sorts and shapes are available for rent). A must-see is Vasto, the lively nearby market town, with plenty eateries, fancy shops and buzzing summer nights. Our hinterland is the quintessential Italian campagna, dotted with a patchwork of mostly agricultural fields in every shade of green, next to villages balancing on hilltops. There is always a bar around, but you could join a wine tasting in one of the many wineries here (after all this is wine country) and sample the famous red Montepulciano d'Abruzzo, the equally loveable white Pecorino or the refreshing rosato Cerasuolo. 

The spectacular MAJELLA PARC in the Apennine mountains can be reached within 1 hour, with many trails, canyons, waterfalls, centuries- old villages and castles on mountaintops. You may stumble on a cave or the ruin of a hidden sanctuary, yet always you will experience magical views and landscapes- check!

Yes I do! want to check out Abruzzo myself, so get me started and take me to the one-tent-glamping right away...