Luxury vintage linen handtowel, white and salmon

€ 25,00

An exquisitely woven hand towel in 100% linen in a jacquard weave: a small diamond shaped pattern for the main part and a beautiful peacock motive for the colored section. Main color is pure white and the sections are in a chique light salmon color. The jacquard weave technique (done on a hand-loom), together with the fine linen fiber creates a slightly shiny effect, giving it a highly luxurious sense. As all 100% fine linens, creasing is part of the characteristics. The sides are in self-edge and the (4 cm) hemline is finely hand-stitched with pulled thread technique (visible in picture4).

Size is 110 cm high and 60 cm wide. In excellent state, just a couple of tiny black spots, see last picture.  

Typical gift for a belle or a beau, considering the peacock motive... Italy, estimated 2nd half of 20th century. 

All the vintage textiles I have sourced with love over the years are checked thoroughly by me for flaws and stains and described to my knowledge. Age and heritage location are mostly unknown and had to be estimated. These are all one of a kind vintage textiles in natural yarns, mostly hand-woven on household looms, often with hand-embroideries> Sometimes in unused, new state (from dead stock) and sometimes used, but always in a good state.  Irregularities in thread, embroidery, fringes etc. are part of the caracteristics of these items (like neps in the yarns) and cannot be considered as flaws. If there are any visable and noticible spots, stains or flaws they are described and photographed as best as possible, of which I keep the pictures. So the state in which the items are packed and send, is the state documented here (and cannot be the reason to send items back).  

These unique items are made with a whole lot of love in bygone era's and are gradually becoming more and more rare to find. They are made of natural fibres like linen or hemp and cotton, the quality of which is equally rare nowadays. Because these are vintage items they are ALWAYS sustainable and make for a perfectly conscious gift for all kinds of occasions, also for yourself....