N0. 1: "Come mai Pollutri"...?

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... alternated with "come mai Abruzzo"?


From the moment we landed in the town of Pollutri, Abruzzo, 3.5 years ago (March 2024), a quirky ritual unfolded with every encounter with our Italian neighbors: the inevitable question – "Why on earth did you choose this place?" The incredulous expressions accompanying the query added a touch of drama to the scene. Truth be told, five years prior, Abruzzo wasn't even on our radar. It made an entrance into our considerations as a serious option somewhere in 2019.

Then we (Dutchies) share our reasons for picking this hidden nook: we highlight the lush green and untouched nature, the rugged mountains and the cooling sea, but also the slower pace of life, the food and wine......We emphasize our desire for a tranquil, lesser-known region, almost free from the influx of foreign influences that might dilute the authenticity of the area. After all, our quest for Italy was driven by a longing to be among Italians (for the most part anyway) and  to experience the true essence of this country.  A very welcome side effect of this is the cost of living here, no overprized coffees, meals, sunbeds and beach umbrellas, not to mention the prices of houses, all compared to say, Tuscany and Puglia . We were keen on finding our dream location, without spending a fortune, as after all we remain Dutch.....

Yet, as we unravel our motivations, the locals nod appreciatively (si, vero... la bellezza, tranquillo , mare, monte.....), while still casting a glance that seems to say, "Are you sure you're not a bit crazy?" The Netherlands, in their eyes, stands as a pinnacle of quality of life, where everything operates like clockwork. Admittedly, it all boils down to one's definition of "quality of life," and at this juncture in our lives, it meant something entirely different. 

Our decision to settle in Italy, and specifically in Abruzzo, wasn't a random leap. We considered various regions and even other countries. The turning point was our love affair with Italy, Italian culture and its people, solidified by the eight years we spent our holidays in our house on Lake Como. However, for a permanent residence, our gaze shifted southward, yearning for a more Mediterranean lifestyle near any inviting sea. While our Como retreat was magical, the frequent rains and lack of sunshine were not exactly on our bucket list.....We explored Liguria, Sicily, Puglia, Le Marche, dismissing each for various reasons. Abruzzo, visited in 2019, emerged as the last option standing – no pressure.

Our exploration of this picturesque land faced an unexpected hurdle with the onset of the first Covid spring. Undeterred, we prepared online for a serious house-hunting trip. On June 15th, 2020, the day Italy reopened its borders, we crossed over, armed with a list of scheduled house visits. A mere two weeks later, we found ourselves the proud owners of our current abode, ticking nearly all the boxes on our extensive checklist. Quick decision-making is our forte, a trait finely tuned over the years. A lesson learned from a previous misadventure in the north of Abruzzo, where a not-so-reliable agent led us astray, only fueled our adventurous spirit, but made us also more aware of tricks and traps. 

Just two months after our impromptu house purchase, we officially became the proud owners, keys in hand. The lingering bureaucratic procedures (the actual deed) were a minor setback, but as they say, this is Italy, complete with its bureaucrazy charm! 


 To be continued, so keep an eye on the next blog. 


No. 1. Come mai....., versione Italiana

Dal momento in cui siamo atterrati nella città di Pollutri, in Abruzzo, tre anni e mezzo fa (scrivo marzo 2024), un rituale bizzarro si è svolto a ogni incontro con i nostri vicini italiani: l'inevitabile domanda - "Perché mai avete scelto questo posto?". Le espressioni incredule che accompagnavano la domanda aggiungevano un tocco di drammaticità alla scena. A dire il vero, cinque anni prima l'Abruzzo non era nemmeno nel nostro radar. È entrato nelle nostre considerazioni come un'opzione seria da qualche parte nel 2019.  

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